WiFiWall’s Dome is a security and analysis service which uses small unobtrusive devices which are deployed throughout an organisation’s establishment (corporate offices, hotel, airport, train station, sports arena, coffee shop and more) to protect their wifi networks and wifi users.


Each device is an independent entity, that monitors all wifi traffic, searching for attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits based on the architectural flaw in wifi network and adding restrictions and governance. In essence it acts as a firewall for wifi networks.

The solution deploys “Domes”- patented miniature minicomputers near each existing Access Point. Each Dome autonomously analyses the wifi traffic and investigates the Access Points (APs). Attacks and suspicious APs are reported to the management server generating a real time cyber wifi dashboard. All alerts can be reported to the SIEM and SOC. 


Domes can even be installed away from the existing wireless network in car parks for example, where they can monitor for potential longer distance attacks over 2.4Ghz links and synchronise with other devices.

The domes all interact with each other ‘out of band’ and do not create latency over the wifi network. In this way the collective dome deployment is able to learn what is happening across the network and adapt accordingly.

The distinct advantage of using an ‘out-of-band’ deployment means that the access points can be configured to run with any network monitoring turned off, improving the user’s wifi experience by diverting AP resources to wifi management.

Management Console


  • WiFi Managed Security Service 
  • WiFi Discovery and complete Visibility 
  • WiFi Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention 
  • WiFi Forensics on Demand 
  • Centralised Management Console 
  • Out-of-band deployment uses no access point resources


  • Offered as a service, the Dome offers greater control over your wireless networks with minimal investment in labour and maintenance. 
  • With high visibility of the wifi network, fault location is made much easier and planning deployments is far more efficient.
  • Detecting attacks early enables faster remediation and quicker ongoing prevention
  • Having the ability to drill down into the attack forensically enables the SOC team to locate, disable and enable remediation more efficiently
  • With larger networks, not just in device numbers but geographically too, centralised management is a must. WiFiWall management can integrate with SIEM and be deployed in the SOC.
  • With no network monitoring now needed, the access point’s resources are now 100% focussed on improving connection speeds.
  • Generally, with the WiFiWall Services from WiFiMAPS, you will 
    • Increase your security posture, and reduce your attack-surface
    • Enhance your GDPR compliancy
    • Improve your network planning capabilities
    • Gain a greater visibility of your wireless network from the user’s perspective