One of the biggest challenges we face when using wifi is realising that we are actually under attack! 

To combat the vulnerabilities associated with working on home wifi and while travelling and using guest and public wifi, WifiWall has two solutions:

Travel restrictions have forced a huge increase in the number of workers continuing their business or their company’s business from home. This naturally creates numerous challenges for all concerned, particularly IT departments and especially for those having to ensure security on corporate devices that will connect back to the business applications and access data over the home wifi.

Most home wifi networks by their nature, have ease of access at the forefront of their design and security is somewhat secondary. So sensitive data might be more exposed than normal and subsequently, cyber-attacks are being stepped up by so-called bad actors.

Professionals who deal with personal data need to embrace compliance and by association, security to avoid data breaches and loss of data. This will often involve higher levels of authentication when online and using VPN’s to encrypt communication with online applications, but is this enough?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are great at protecting communication with applications and databases where the data is in transit, however as soon the data is at rest on your device then it is no longer protected by the VPN.  If you are working on your home wifi network, then the chances are that you will not have firewalls and other security systems to protect your home network as you will on the corporate network. This means that attacks that can come from anywhere on your network remain practically undetected. They could come from an infected smartphone, a wifi-connected security camera, a wifi printer in fact any connected device, even one connected to the wifi but physically outside the four walls of your home.

What the Dome for Home offers is protection from cyber-attacks whilst working on your home network by monitoring the traffic over the network, identifying attacks and reporting them to corporate IT for remediation. 

Dome for Home
  • If you are attacked while working from home the Dome for Home can even detach you from the network to protect the data on your device. 
  • Your corporate IT can then begin forensic investigations to expose the process of the attack and security measures can be implemented – for example it may as simple as updating the software level on your other devices connected to the home wifi.
  • The Dome for Home is setup by you, the end user protecting your login credentials and can be managed by centrally based corporate IT.
  • The Dome for Home gets updates over your wifi network but does not impair your connectivity performance.

N.B. Dome for Home cannot view the data payload transmitted over wifi as it is encrypted.

For those of us in the essential services sector who need to be mobile, the WifiWall Traveler is a standalone device, which is personal to the individual and which protects our devices ( maximum of five) when on the move and connecting to any public or guest wifi network.

Traveler with Charging Cradle

When connecting to public or guest wifi networks, our devices are exposed to various forms of cyberattack involving hijacking the connection, supplying a rogue access point, using a man-in-the-middle attack, or using an evil twin. Each of these methods can be used to compromise our device, capture data and steal credentials. 

So, when travelling, the devices will search for wifi networks to use to access the internet automatically. The Traveler analyses these potential connections by continually scanning for cyber threats and should our device connect to a suspect link, the Traveler will immediately disconnect you.

As with all WiFiWall solutions, the Traveler can be centrally managed by corporate IT , where the devices to be protected can be managed and the Traveler updated accordingly.