WiFiMAPS is sole distributor in the UK for the WiFiWall Dome , Dome for Home and Traveler service and analysis solutions which address wireless network security for Office, Home working and working in transit.

Nearly everyone uses wifi at some point during the day, be it at home, at work or on the move. Wifi networks are everywhere and as a user you expect to be able to connect whenever you want and wherever you are.

If your network coverage is not so good or you maxed out your data plan, then wifi is great! 


The problem here is that sometimes we cannot be absolutely sure, even at home, that we are connecting to a legitimate wifi router or access point. Is some bad actor intercepting and reading our traffic and stealing our data.

The WiFiWall services offer protection for users of home wifi, public. wifi, guest and corporate wifi networks by monitoring traffic across the network and analysing the management and control content, looking for known and new anomalies that could compromise the security of the wifi user. 

The recent forced isolation and ensuing home-working shift has prompted WifiWall to address the issue of cyber-attacks and data theft from those home workers who are now less well protected on their home wifi than they were in their offices with firewalls, IPS, IDS and the plethora of security systems used to secure them. So, as wifi users we need protection in the office, in the home and when in transit.

From a corporate point of view the Domes, when deployed in the office, in a public place or at home, offer high visibility, forensic capabilities network performance monitoring and remediation of any cyber-attack and data theft attempts

WifiWall Dome and Dome for Home intercepts all WiFi traffic (non-intrusively), providing the following values:

WiFiWall Management Console
  • Full WiFi visibility
  • Attack detection and prevention
  • History and forensics data
  • Real-life (endpoint view) network performance monitoring
  • Attack simulations and red team tools
Traveler – 65 mm long x 45 mm wide

WifiWall Traveler – is a mobile unit protecting travellers while connecting to any public WiFi network, allowing the user to take some responsibility and action themselves The Traveler is a small device which pairs with up to 5 of your network-connected devices. (smartphone, tablet or laptop)